The Brydges Centre has brought many children out of lives of abandonment and hopelessness into lives of family, love, and most importantly hope.

The Brydges Centre would not be possible without ministry partners who graciously come along side us in prayer and financial support. It is our hope to expand our capacity so that more children can be welcomed into the Brydges Centre family and out of lives of hopelessness.


We have an ongoing need for additional ministry support from organizations, families, and individuals who are willing to partner with us to provide funding for the Brydges Centre. The needs span from the daily care and provision for the children at the Brydges Center, to continued growth and improvements to the facilities at the Brydges Centre, to expand our capacity. 

Our funding needs fall into two major categories: child sponsorship and development. With a contribution to either of the categories,  you will be helping us help the Brydges Centre children of today and those that will be there in the future become productive Kenyan citizens with God's guidance as their compass for life. 



Child Sponsorship

The total annual operating budget for the Brydges Centre is $430,000. If you divide that by the 132 kids at the B.C., you get the cost of supporting one B.C. child for a year: $3,257. To break it down even further, the cost to support one B.C. child is $1,629 for six months, $969 for 100 days, $271 for one month, $68 for one week, and $9.69 for one day. (Costs include food, clothing, school, health insurance, rent, transportation, security & maintenance, utilities, and staff salaries.)

Our Sponsorship Program is designed by educational levels, and represents the costs associated with the comprehensive care provided to each child as they progress through the development stages and through different levels of education. Your generous sponsorship will help these children reach the potential God intends for each one. Click the button below to see the different sponsorship options.

Development Donations

As part of our desire to improve the B.C. - i.e. grow our capacity to serve more children and build new / improve current facilities - we developed a vision that covers the next ten years. Some of the more immediate things we hope to build are: a water tower, a larger meeting building for the students, more dormitories, an onsite guest house, etc. Any donations will be used to help the future developments on the Brydges Centre grounds. Click the button below to make a development donation.