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"My prayer is that Brydges Centre continues to give all of our children a safe home, full of love and care. We also wish to give them social and emotional stability to enhance their growth and development, and give them all the support that they need through life. Read more...

Building Project

Recently land has been purchased in the first step of making this dream a reality. The five acres has been fenced to protect the property, and a toilet and temporary storage shed has been built..



Childcare Programs

Holistic childcare is provided in terms of education, shelter and healthcare. Spiritual guidance is also a priority. As each child is taken into the Brydges Centre family, they are individually assessed

Welcome all to the official website of the Brydges Centre. As a child caring organisation, in Brydges we value the dignity of the child more than anything in regard to their welfare. Like children of our own, we make sure that they are always happy; safe from danger or abuse and that they live to their ultimate potential. It has been said before that when a child gets a good start in life, they are more likely to be more equipped to influence what happens in their adult life. Education in the least offers them choices and the most needed confidence to benefit from those choices.

Brydges Centre is made up of a team of dedicated citizens, men and women with a passion to crumble down the barriers that limit the dreams of our Kenyan children. We serve with all our hearts and minds, knowing that children are an inheritance from God. Day after day we wake up with renewed energies to accompany our children to the end of the road, a destination of a successful future.

Girls and boys alike are gifts from God and they need to be treasured and mostly valued irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds. We know for sure that the task a head is enormous and our vision can only be actualized by multiple efforts. We feel some times feel inadequate in many ways; and thus in need of the support and good will of the government, local and international communities, religious groups, private and the public sector and other stakeholders. It is for this reason we invite you to share in this delightful task of shaping the future of own world. Their destiny is our destiny!


Collective Childrens Birthday Party

Every year, Brydges Centre celebrates the collective birthday of every more

The Brydges Centre Christmas Party!

Every Christmas day we come together as a family and celebrate new life more

Brydges Skills Centre Graduation

Every year in the second week of December the students of the Skills Centre more

Michelle Talent Day

The talent day is normally held in second week of April each more

School Holiday and Term Dates

Throughout the year, all of the children are on school holidays more

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Who are we?

We are a child caring organisation and we value the dignity of the child more than anything in regard to their welfare. We make sure that they are always happy, safe from danger or abuse and that they live to their ultimate potential.

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